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Covers both private and commercial vehicles on a third party policy or comprehensive basis.
Covers the insured's property against loss or damage caused by fire and allied perils.
Projects & Engineering
Comprehensively cover various types of risks exposed to a civil contract.
Covers the loss or damage of ships, cargo, and any transport or property.
Covers the loss of your money whilst in transit and whilst in the premise.
Cover any emergency medical-related expenses, trip cancellation or lost luggage.
Cash, bank notes, brand drafts, currency notes, cheques, current postage stamps, postal orders, mone
Protects you against claims for personal injury or damage to a third party.
COVID Crusher
A Covid Crusher is a single-use cover designed to protect you against COVID-19 related financial impact.
Home Alone
Gives protection to contents against fire and burglary while you are away and your house is locked.
Domestic Trip
Gives protection to fare paying commuters within city, to anywhere in East Africa.
Trade All Risk
It's to provide an ease of handling with peace of mind cover to small traders, It's a Shop keeper
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Vehicle repairs
Report a claim in minutes - however is easiest for you.
Have us manage your repairs along with your claim, then track your vehicle's repair status and payments made on your claim.
If you need help immediately, we can arrange for roadside assistance
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Underwriting Response Time Lines (TAT)

Quote request - Acknoledgment
1 Hour
Queries at one go
2 Hours
< 1 hour
Non - Motor (Simple risks)
< 2 hours
Medium Risks
< 4 hours
Large risks
< 48 hours
Endorsement & declaration certificates
<12 hours
Policies - Simple
< 12 hours
Policies - Others
< 24 hours
Commission statement
Fronting business statement
Same day
Same day
Month closing
By end of month